Bridge Bearing Pads

Bridge Bearing Pads

Bridge Bearing Pads

Bridge Bearing Pads are specially designed with one or multiple layers of elastomers that are bonded to internal steel laminates. These bearing pads are widely used in the construction of bridges and other structures for bearing the vertical load. These elastomeric bearing pads are available in compliance with the latest standards of IRC : 83 (Part II) – 1987.

Usage & Application

Quick Facts

No.CharacteristicsUnitValuesTesting Std
1HardnessShore A60 to 65IS : 3400 (Part II)
2Tensile Strength, MinimumM Pa17IS : 3400 (Part I)
3Elongation at break, Minimum%400IS : 3400 (Part I)
4Compression set, Maximum%30IS : 3400 (Part X)
5Accelerated Ageing--IS : 3400 (Part IV)
5(a)Change in HardnessShore A15
5(b)Change in Tensile Strength%-15
5(c)Change in Elongation%-30
6Adhesion Strength, MinimumkN/m7IS : 3400 (Part XIV)
7Resistance to Ozone-No DefectIS : 3400 (Part XX)

Technical Data


Raw materials used in the bearing is poly- Chloroprene from the following brands:

In the construction of bearing

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