Rubber Sheets for Mining Industries

Anti Abrasive Rubber Sheets

Anti Abrasive Rubber Sheets

Today, mining industry demands a wide stock of Anti Abrasive Rubber Sheets for providing the best solution to reduce cut, wear & tear of the equipments. Made from high grade natural rubber, these rubber sheets are widely used in the anti abrasion rubber linings for different material handling equipments in mines.

Usage & Applications

Shot blasting industry
Rubber lining for material handling equipment
Screen decks
Heavy duty transfer chutes

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Skirt Board Rubber Sheets

Skirt Board Rubber Sheets

In the mining industry, where material handling is sensitive, the Skirt Board Rubber Sheets are widely used to improve the performance of the conveyor belts. The excellent properties of the rubber sheets improve tracking and extend life of belts and reduce the belt slippage. The skirt board rubber sheets can resist heavy impact at loading areas.

Usage & Application

Chute liningSnow plows blade
Conveyor belts

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Bitumen Board

Bitumen Board

Construction of concrete roads, runways, floor and roof slabs of buildings, involves casting of concrete in slab form, which leads to construction joints. Provision must be made to accommodate the expansion and contraction at these joints which occurs with seasonal variations in temperature. Our Bitumen Impregnated Expansion Joint Fillers Boards display excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. Provision of these boards in the joints permits free movement of the concrete slabs. This prevents damage to the slabs besides providing waterproofing and resisting entry of foreign matter into the joints. It is a low density high quality fibre board which is cellular in nature, securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with Bituminous Compound. Impregnation with Bituminous Compound makes it durable and water proof. Cellular nature provides compressible properties and ability to recover after compression load is released; conforming to Indian as well as international technical specifications. It bears normal structural movements without breaking or cracking. It ensures sealing of joints as no gap exists between the joint spaces. The fillers are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermocol /plastic expansion joint filler.
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